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Plant Intensive Week 2017

This Plant Intensive Week-Module took place for the sixth time and was as in the years befor a unique opportunity to learn a lot about plants on an advanced level and at the same time apply methods valid in the scientific arena as group based exercises. This Module aims at early phase PhD students and at late phase MSc students.
We would like to convey our thanks to the programmes that support this event logistically and financially. Our special thanks go to the Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft for their great support for this year's Plant Intensive week participants (14 students from the IBB doctorate programme of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencias, Oeiras, Portugal; six students from the RWTH Aachen and three students from the HHU Düsseldorf). Students from Portugal, Iran, Nigeria, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, The Netherlands and Germany had come together to meet trainers from the UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Germany for the plant experience.

Two summer schools in Neurosciences

The understanding of nervous system activity in its physiological and pathophysiological conditions is a fundamental goal of the neurosciences. In Cologne neuroscientists examine nervous system function in health and disease across the molecular, cellular and network level. Two summer schools in 2014 and 2015 respectively with lectures and hands on experiments in neural circuit analysis were offered to international and local MSc students for training and networking. The summer schools were open for doctorate opportunities.