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Research Track Masters / Doctoral Programme

What is the Masters/Doctoral Programme?

The English Language Masters/Doctoral Programme has been established for the best students of the Masters programme and intending to obtain a doctoral degree. Applicants who are interested in the Masters/Doctoral programme initially need to apply to and enroll with the Masters Programme. Successful students of the Masters programme may then apply to the Masters/Doctoral programme during the first term of their study in which they take two courses (subject modules).

Exams and controls, continuation in the Masters/Doctoral Programme, alternatives
The student’s continuation in the Masters/Doctoral Programme is contingent upon receiving high marks in the first two subject modules. Students showing excellent performance can continue with the Masters/Doctoral programme, i.e. a further, special module and laboratory rotations. Upon completion of each rotation the students will be assessed again.

Controls, completion of doctoral degree
The progress of the students’ research work will be monitored regularly by the thesis committee. A meeting in the third year will be used to decide how close to completion the thesis is. The thesis committee supports the student and the supervisor in reaching a decision about the appropriate time point for concluding the experimental work. A condition for submission of the thesis is the completion of written and oral reports (project proposal, first year report, minutes of committee meetings in the first, second and third year). The doctoral thesis may be submitted in English or German. It will be defended according to the formal rules of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The degree of Dr. rer. nat. will be awarded by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

During the Masters/Doctoral Programme, the University may offer fellowships to support students. These fellowships are not full cost and limited to five months.