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GSfBS Doctoral Representatives

On June 28th, 2017 we were elected as GSfBS doctoral candidates representatives.
We are herewith members of the Promovierendenrat/Doctoral candidates council of the Math.-Nat. Faculty. For the doctorate committee of the science faculty and AMC committees concerning our interests, we will together with representatives of other graduate schools vote for delegates.

You can contact us for ideas and suggestions regarding the GSfBS. We will collect your input and bring it to the attention of the GSfBS steering committee and/or office. Vice versa we will bring information or requests to your attention. Our common email contact is

Michaela Höhne

Michaela Höhne obtained her Bachelor´s degree in BioSciences at the University of Kaiserslautern, where she also completed her Master studies in Molecular Cell and Neurobiology.  Currently, she pursues her PhD at the Institute of Biochemistry in the group of Prof. Dr. Jan Riemer (University of Cologne), investigating the regulation of mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide release and its role for signaling in mammalian cells using roGFP2-based sensors.

Jennifer Gerbracht

Jennifer Gerbracht obtained her Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz. She then moved to Cologne to pursue a Master’s degree in biological sciences with a focus on genetics and cell biology. During her postgraduate studies, she spent four months at Newcastle University (UK) investigating the genetic causes of skeletal dysplasias. Currently, she is a PhD student in Niels Gehring’s group at the Institute for Genetics at the University of Cologne. Her research focuses on mechanisms and processes that regulate the fate and stability of messenger RNAs in human cells.

Eike Strathmann

Eike Strathmann completed his Bachelor’s degree in biology at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel. The focus of his thesis was on the ecology of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. After that, he completed his Master studies on evolutionary ecology and genetics. Bioinformatics was chosen as additional field of expertise. Eike wrote his Master thesis in the group of Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schulenburg studying the innate immunity of C. elegans. Subsequently, he moved abroad to do an internship at the Charles University in Prague in the laboratory of Dr. Marian Novotny, where Eike worked in the field of protein fold prediction. Currently, Eike is a PhD student in the group of Prof. Dr. Brunhilde Wirth in the institute of human genetics (University of Cologne).

Sabine Ruegenberg

Sabine studied in Cologne and Vienna and obtained her M. Sc. degree in Biological Sciences with a specialization in biochemistry and biotechnology from the University of Cologne. During her Master’s studies she joined the research group of Dr. Martin Denzel at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing and in March 2016 she started her PhD in Martin Denzel’s group. Her research focuses on the structural and functional analysis of the enzyme Glutamine fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase-1 (GFAT-1).