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Women in Science

The step from completing a doctoral thesis to joining a top-ranking international research lab for postdoctoral work requires courage, and the next step, of succeeding as a postdoctoral fellow in the new lab, requires more assertiveness than may have been necessary as a graduate student. While scientific excellence is a prerequisite for both steps, it is not sufficient, and those women who are not naturally assertive may need to be helped with the first and prepared for the second step. Special training for young female scientists who strive for a career in academic research is offered by the GSfBS.

Fast Tract to Independence Career advancement for female doctoral students, a retreat in Vienna
The workshop is aimed at promoting the careers of promising early stage women scientists by providing the tools required to secure funding from a prestigious funding awarding body for a post-doctoral position, thereby enabling successful awardees to better achieve their full potential and to fulfill their career aims. The training will also cover the basics of research management and leadership, importance of effective networking as well as key issues pertaining to career planning. The trainer for this retreat is Dr. Ruth Willmott. Open calls are sent by email to registered GSfBS students, participation is limited to students who fulfil the GSfBS core programme requirements.