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Graduate Training in Biological Sciences

Experience extending over many years is one of the major resources for an excellent graduate training in Biological Sciences. Aiming at the coordination and strengthening of existing structures, the “Graduate School for Biological Sciences” also benefits from an increasing number of new international graduate programmes.

Research in Biosciences

High quality in research and in graduate training depend on one another as well as they further foster excellence in both. An increasing number of specified graduate programmes, collaborative research centres, clusters of excellence of the German EXCELLENCE Initiative and several internationally recognised research groups show the value of research in biological sciences in Cologne.

What is the Graduate School for Biological Sciences?

  • What can I study at the Graduate School for Biological Sciences?
  • I'm interested in PhD programmes. Where do I find information?
  • I have a Bachelor's degree and want to start a doctorate soon - Is this possible?
  • Do you offer transferable skills courses?