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What to do first:

  • All students have to register in docfile. Please make sure to fill in the respective fields for the GSfBS.
  • It is compulsory to apply to the doctoral office of the Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences before or at the start of your doctoral project. Please visit the Dean's office homepage and read all information carefully. There you will find all necessary documents to apply for the acceptance of your doctorate. Please note, I only accept electronic documents for my signature.
Second: GSfBS registration within three months after starting the doctoral project

Each doctoral student chooses a thesis advisory committee (TAC) consisting of the supervisor and two further scientists independent of the supervisor, called mentors. We recommend that one mentor is from a field closely related to the doctoral research project and the other from a different field but with complementary expertise. One of the mentors needs to be at least an independent group leader. To announce the TAC composition to the graduate school administration the registration form needs to be downloaded, filled in and signed, both electronically. Please download the form and open it with Adobe Reader or Professional for electronic signatures. Completed forms must be sent to isabell.witt(at) for her signature.

Third: Enrollment with the University

is done via KLIPS2 for all new students. You need to have and keep your smail account for this and other purposes.